HCF Holiday Throwdown

HCF Holiday Throwdown

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We know you missed the Halloween Throwdown this year and so did we!  So to make it up to you we are throwing a HOLIDAY THROWDOWN!  

Who is welcome?
EVERYBODY!!!  All current and former HCF'ers  and all Crossfit Heads!

How to join the fun?  
Sign up on our events page or shoot us a message and we will put you on a team.  
We will make the teams,  all levels are welcome just like the Halloween Throwdown.

What to wear?
Costumes and teams will be Holiday themed. (think Christmas elves and snowflakes!)

When and where?
Throwdown starts at 10AM at HCF and will continue until the workouts are done! (1:30ish)
Doors Open Early Athlete Briefing at 9:30AM

Competition will be teams of three not gender specific. Teams will participate in 3 workouts each. We plan to start putting the teams together ASAP and designating some costume themes, so if you want to participate please sign up and join in on the fun ASAP!!!

PARTY TIME! This  year to following the Holiday Throwdown, we will flow into our annual HCF Christmas Party to be held at the gym.  So stick around after the throwdown or go home dress up and come back.  As usual the party will go as long as long as you guys stick around!  Traditional HCF potluck style, drinks, food music, dress up and tons of fun!!  

Cant't wait to see everybody there!!!

Event WODS

The Grinch's Total

With a 8:00 Minute Running Clock Each teammate will attempt to hit a 3RM Hang Clean (can be squat or power) You must deadlift the first rep to the hang position, perform your first rep and then keep the bar in your hands until all three reps are complete. Score is the sum of all athletes lifts.

Slay Ride

As a Team, for Time: 90 Calorie Row 75 Pull-Ups 60 Burpees Before the workout begins, teams will decide the order of rotation (Athlete #1, #2, and #3). Inside this whole workout, one athlete is working while the other two are resting. Depending on whether which athlete number you are in the workout, your style on the pull-ups and burpees changes slightly in difficulty – so let’s plan ahead with our teammates here! On all of the movements, when athletes are up for their turn, they are to complete a minimum of 5 repetitions at the station, or up to 15 reps/cals at that station, before tagging out to their next teammate. Station #1 – 90 Calorie Row Nothing too “science-y” here, each team of 3 shares one rower. Station #2 – 75 Pull-Ups Athlete #1 will complete jumping pull-ups (we’ll stack plates before the workout starts). Athlete #2 will complete chin-over bar pull-ups. Athlete #3 will complete chest-to-bar pull-ups. Station #3 – 60 Burpees Athlete #1 will complete burpees (jump and clap overhead to finish the repetition). Athlete #2 will complete burpee box jumps to a 20” box (step-ups allowed). Athlete #3 will complete burpee box jumps to a 24” box (step-ups allowed). This workout is for time! 15 MINUTE CAP

Santa's Ladder

1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1 Medball Squat/Medball Jumping Squat/MedBall Squat Clean (14) Deadlift/Power Clean/ Power Snatch (65) Sit Up/Knees to Elbow/Toes to Bar Athlete 1 (beginner) will start by performing 1 Med Ball Squat 1 deadlift 1 sit up Athelte 2 (int) will then begin their round of 1 MedBall Jumping Squat 1 power clean 1 knee to elbow Athelte 3 (ADV) will then begin their round of 1 MedBall Clean 1 power snatch 1 toes to bar Athlete 1 will then begin with their round of 2 MedBall Squats 2 deadlifts 2 sit ups So on and so forth until all teammates have completed reps up to 6 and back down to 1. CAP 15 MINUTES

Event Info:

HCF Holiday Throwdown

Date: Dec. 15, 2018

Location: 1725 Tomlinson St, Eureka CA

Registration: $0.00




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