Hold on to yer butts, this is a BIG workout!
Three Musketeers teams should be folks who can use the same barbell/weights and same height box
Most of this workout can be done outdoors if needed/desired


- Barbell and plates
- Box to Step-up on
- DB
- possible WallBall


Notes for today:

Each round, Station A and B begin.
Station A has one athlete completing it entirely.  
Station B has the other two athletes completing one section, one athlete working at any time.
The athlete who was at station A may help finish the reps within station B.
When station B is complete, the team rotates the next athlete to station A, meaning each athlete will visit this station twice.

Movements review
Stations set-up

9/17/2022 - Fitness A

Team of 3 Workout
One person working at a time at each station

Handstand Walk 100 ft
- OR -
Hotel Lap MedBall Overhead carry (One ball per team)

6  rounds of

Station A)  
5 sets of
3 DL + 2 Power Clean + 1 Snatch ♂ 135 / ♀ 95

Station B) The other two athletes begin working thru these exercises.
rnd 1)   70 x Burpee
rnd 2)   60 x DB Facing Burpee
rnd 3)   55 x DB Burpee DL ♂ 50-lb. DB / ♀ 35-lb. DB
rnd 4)   50 x DB Burpee Clean
rnd 5)   45 x Dumbbell Burpee Box Step-Up
rnd 6)   40 x Dumbbell Burpee Box Over ♂ 24" / ♀ 20"

200 x Pull-up

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