- Rack, barbell and plates
- AbMat and dbs for foot anchors
- Warm-up size KB


Notes for today:

A lil benching, a lil abs, a lil kettlebelling.
Today is a great day to challenge yourself to go heavy on the bench!
Athletes who have trouble avoiding arm bruises from the kettlebell may replace it with a dumbbell.  
We will do a leetle bit of handstand work after the warm-up and before building the bench press.



2 rounds

6 x Six Point Burpee
8 x Tempo Ring Row
10 x Handstand Kick-Up
12 x Handstand Shoulder Tap
14 x Alt Single Arm KB DL

and then .....

- Upside down stuff
- Bench press build-up

9/16/2022 - Fitness A


For Max reps, 3 rounds
of 2 minutes work, 1 min rest

- Bench Press ♂ Bodyweight / ♀ 65% Bodyweight
- Navy SEAL Sit-Up
- Alt Arm KB Clean ♂ 53 lb / ♀ 35 lb
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