- Barbell and plates



Each pair will have one barbell.  
If an athlete needs a drastically differing weight the pair will use the heavier barbell for the partner carry.
Strict Chest to Bar pull-up is pre-requisite strength for Bar muscle-ups.
If you do not possess these today is a great opportunity to work on them.



2 minutes on a machine

30 seconds DL

30 seconds Bar Hang

30 seconds Hand release push-up

30 seconds Nurpee Over barbell

Build barbell weight while practicing movements.

8/6/2022 - Fitness A

Partner workout

AMRAP in 26 miutes:

6 x (each athlete) Deadlift ♂ 315 / ♀ 205
9 x Synchro Bar Facing Burpee
9 x (each athlete) Bar Muscle-Up
55ft Partner Barbell Carry

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