- Rack bar and plates
- Kettlebell


This workout is supposed to be on the heavyish side of things.  
Plan ahead to break up the squats before you feel the need to break.
The kettlebell swings may also need to be broken up.
If you need to scale and lighten the loading do so, but challenge yourself and dare to go as heavy as you can.



3 rounds at a brisk pace

90 seconds Bike or Row
4 x 10 Minibanded Sidestep + 10 Minibanded Squat
5 x Roll to Jump up
6 x Prone Alt Scorpion Stretch

8/5/2022 - Fitness A

Mainsite Workout  120326

21-15-9 reps for time of:

 Back squat ♂ 225 / ♀ 155
 Kettlebell swing ♂ 70 / ♀ 53

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Angela Viale

Angela Viale 1 week, 6 days ago / Reply

8/5/2022 - Fitness A: 9:54
Notes: #85 44lb kettle bell

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