Compare to 12/23/21


- Jumprope
- Rower
- Light Warm-up size DB


Notes for today:
This workout can be used as active recovery;
Keeping the DB lighter and jogging slower can keep intensity low.
Athletes who are feeling fresh should go heavier and faster.



2 Rounds

2 gym laps (mix up yr footwork)
10 x Single DB DL (5L, 5R)
10 x Single DB High Pull
8 x Single DB Overhead Press
8 x Swimmer Opposites
6 x Windmill (3L, 3R)
20 x Penguin Jump

Movement practice/ increasing DBs weight

8/4/2022 - Fitness A


AMRAP 20 mins
Unbroken Double-Unders

*At each break, immediately perform
10 x Alternating DB Snatch ♂ 50-lb /♀ 35-lb
200m Run
before returning to the jumprope

Score = Sum total double under reps of all rounds.

Although Double-Unders can be substituted with Cross-overs or 2 x single unders
athletes are encouraged to attempt to practice the Double-Under.
To those who are willing to practice: complete 15 attempts then do the db snatches and the 200m run.

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