- Rower
- Rack Barbell and plates
- Bench


Notes for today:
Sumo Deadlift loading should be Heavy (RPE 8-9) for most of the sets.
Interested in getting stronger? you must perform enough hard sets to make a difference.
This will include lifting heavy weight from the first set on. 
Beginners and/or newer athletes should focus on practicing the technique with lighter weight.
For the accessories the cossack squat is meant to be goblet loaded.
The wide stiff leg Good morning may be taken from the rack and should be loaded with light moderate weight.



2 Rounds

20/16 Cal Row
8 x Nurpee Over Rower
30 ft Bear Walk
15 x  Horse Stance Squat
12 x Seated Straddle Leg Raise

6 x 3 8/3/2022 - Fitness A

Part A) Sumo Deadlift

for Max Load
6 sets of 3 reps

 Rest as needed, up to 3 minutes between sets

Part B)  Accessories

3 sets

6 x Straddle Toes to Bar
8 x (each side) Cossack Squat
10 x  Wide Stiff-Legged Good Morning
12 x (each side) Copenhagen Raises
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