- Barbell and plates


Notes for today:
Beginner athletes may scale the loading of the Cleans and may substitute the ring dips for deep push-ups.
Use assistance on the ring dips if necessary.
If you cannot support yourself on the rings it is highly recommended that you scale by reducing the loading (assist with feet or bands)



2 Rounds

250m Row
30 x Hollow Rock
20 x Side V-Up (10L, 10R)
15 seconds Ring Support
10 x Hand Release Push-up

5 x Clean DL
5 x Hang Clean Ext
5 x Tall Power Clean Pull-under
5 Power Clean

Barbell build-up

Dip practice

8/2/2022 - Fitness A

Workout  211210

Extended Elizabeth
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

- Power clean ♀ 95 / ♂ 135
- Ring dip

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