- Pair of DBs for deep push-up 

- Barbell and plates 

- Jumprope 



For deep Push-ups place hands on DB Heads. 

We will take approx 10 minutes to work to a 2 Rep Power Snatch with heavier weight than you plan to use in the workout. 

Assist Pull-ups if necessary.

If you are still working to master your Double-Under skills, do at least 10 attempts per round then finish with 40 regular singles. 



2 Rounds 

200m Jog 

25ft Crab Walk 

10 x Ring Row 

12 x DB Snatch to Windmill 

6 x Push-Up + Swimmer 

4 x Perfect Stretch sequence 

Movement Review/ Station setup

6/24/2022 - Fitness A


4 Rounds for time

20 x Deep Push-Up

6 x Power Snatch  155 /  105

12 x Pull-Up

50 x Double-Under 

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