- Rower
- Bike
- AbMat for Sit-Up
- Box to step up on
- Warm-up size KB


Notes for today:
As per yoozh on Thursdays, you can use this workout as active recovery or you can attack it with intensity.
Challenge yourself to go fast, or take it slower if you're feeling beat.
The dual KBs clean technique requires practice to receive the bells properly.
You will use the same pair of Kettlebells for the weighted step-ups.
Suitcase, front rack, atop shoulders; any of these holds will do.



5 minutes of biking or rowing
At the beginning of each minute ramp up your power and speed to near maximum (take 15-20 seconds) before dropping back down to a relaxed pace


2 rounds

20 x Single Arm KB Swing (5L, 5R, 5L, 5R)
10 x Lunge to Knee Drive
6 x V-Roll

KBs Clean Prep and practice
Stations set-up

6/23/2022 - Fitness A


For time, or not

40 x Dual KBs Clean ♂35s / ♀ 26s
500m Run
60 x Dual KBs Box Step-up
1,000m Row
80 x Sit-Up
2,000m Bike
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