- Warm-up size DB
- PVC pipe
- 15# Rubber band


Notes for today:
Reduce the weight and reps to move continuously with very few breaks.
If you need it, get some assistance on the pull-up so you can pull high enough to contact your chest to touch the bar.


2 rounds of

5 x Push-up
5 x Nurpee
10 x PVC OHS
30 x Bandy Pull-Apart
10 x DB S2OH + Windmill (5L, 5R)
10 x Ring Row

Movement Prep station set-up

6/20/2022 - Fitness A

Mainsite Workout 160907

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Overhead squats ♂ 95 / ♀ 65
Chest-to-bar pull-up

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