Let's work off some of that stuffing and pie!!


- Jumprope
- PVC pipe for Warm-up
- WallBall
- Barbell and plates


Notes for today:
A lil bit of everything; monostructural, gymnasties, and weightlifting!
Feeling strong? challenge yourself with the power snatch weight.



3 mins practice your Jumprope skills
(eg: footwork, sideswing crosses, backwards)

2 Rounds

10 x Pass Thru/ Around the World
10 x Clean Grip Muscle Snatch
10 x BTN Push Press or Jerk
5 x Down Dog Crosstouch to Scorpion
10 x Log Roll + Candlestick + roll to standing
6 x Perfect stretch
10 x Squat

Snatch Practice/ Station Set-up

11/26/2021 - Fitness A

For time:
10 Rounds of

25 x DU
7 x WallBall ♂ 20/ ♀ 14
5 x Toes 2 Bar
3 x Power Snatch  ♂ 135/ ♀ 95

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