- Rower
- Head cushioning/possible assistance for HSPU
- Mat for floor
- Jumprope


Notes for today:
If you roll in early, get some cat/cow, scapular, shoulder, and hip CARs
We have a mix of gymnasty and cardio today.
Choose a Muscle-Up variant you can attack with some intensity.
The Deficit handstand push-up may be achieved with box assistance
Athletes may scale to an easier variant of deficit push-up (hands on DBs or plates)
If Rowing instead of biking: perform 25/20 Calories.



3 rounds of

30 x Penguin Jump
15 x Bandy Strict Press
15 x Bandy Dip
5 x Ring Pull-up (or row)

- HSPU prep/station set-up
- Muscle-up prep/station set-up

11/23/2021 - Fitness A


AMRAP 30 mins

5 x Muscle-ups
20/15 Cal Bike
10 x Deficit Strict Handstand Push-Up
50 x Double-Under

Muscle-ups may be ring or bar; assist as necessary to get some intensity.
HSPU will be strict with or without deficit, so scale as needed to keep it strict.
Dubs may be swapped out for crossovers or single-unders x2 (whichever will allow more intensity)

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