- Light Rubber Band
- Rack, Bench, Bar, plates
- Rower


Notes for today:
Dynamic days means we aim for reps as speedy as we can maintain perfect technique.
No bouncing reps off the chest


2 Rounds

30 x Bandy Pull Apart
20 x Bandy Chest Press
15 x KB Swing
6 x Bear to Crab Reach

11/22/2021 - Fitness A

Dynamic Effort Bench

12 sets of
2 x Close Grip Bench Press @ 40-50%

Between sets, take as little rest as will allow you to maintain top speed during the next set.
After warm-up these 12 sets should take no more than 8 minutes to complete.


Accessories Workout

5 x Muscle Clean + Strict Press
10 x Push Press (same barbell as press)
15 x Supinated Grip C2B Body Row*
20 secs Single Arm Ring Plank (20L,20R)
25 Cal Row

*Those who can should scale up to C2B Chin-up

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Nancy Giacone

Nancy Giacone 1 week, 2 days ago / Reply

11/22/2021 - Fitness A: 80 lbs

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