We got lots to set up for!  

Teams should have one Concept2 rower.  
It makes for faster set-up and clean-up if all 3 athletes can use the same weight for the loaded exercises.
Individuals needing to use different weights need to take care of that set-up quickly.

- Barbell and plates
- Kettlebell
- Rower
- Pair of DBs

11/20/2021 - Fitness A

Teams of 3

- only one athlete working at any station
- you may work on 3 different stations concurrently

50 x DBs Renegade Row + DL (push-up, row Left, push-up, row right, push-up, DeadLift) ♂ 35s / ♀ 25s
75 x Hang Power Snatch ♂ 115 / ♀ 75
100 Cal Row
200 x KB Swing ♂ 70 / ♀ 53
15 x Rope Climb -OR- 450m Farmer Carry ♂ 70lb KBs / ♀ 53lb KBs

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