We got lots to set up for!  

Teams should have one Concept2 rower.  
It makes for faster set-up and clean-up if all 3 athletes can use the same height box and weight for the loaded exercises.
Individuals needing to use different height boxes and weights need to take care of that set-up quickly.

- Box
- Kettlebell
- Rower
- Pair of DBs

Station set-up/ Movement practice

10/23/2021 - Fitness A

Teams of 3

for 25 minutes,

Accumulate Row Calories whilst completing rounds of:  

50 x Weighted Box Step-up
40 x KB Swing
30 x Push-Up
20 x Toes to Bar
10 x Renegade Row Devil Press ♂ 50s /♀ 35s

Only one athlete may work at a time on the exercises.  
There should always be someone rowing in the effort to accumulate as many calories as possible.
It is us to each team and teammate to determine their best strategy for:
1) completing as many rounds as possible and
2) getting as many row calories as possible while
3) not dying
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