- Possible assistance for one legged squat
- Box
- DBs (5-20lbs)


Notes for today:
Most will need some assistance for station 1 and/or a modification.
Pistols (one legged squat) should be loaded if possible, unloaded and assisted if needed.
Handstand stuff is taking a small step up to be slightly more difficult than last week.
Single leg RDL will strengthen the leg and hip



2 rounds of

20m Circus Bear Walk
20 x Spidey Crawl/Duck Walk
20 x Side V-Up Left
20 x Side V-Up Right
2 x Wall Walk
5 x Prone Swimmer
20 x Hang activates/ circles (10/10)

Movement Practice/ station set-up

10/22/2021 - Fitness A


For 30 minutes, as many rounds at the highest quality possible

3 x Strict Muscle-up w/slow negative
12 x Weighted Pistol (6L, 6R)
4 x Handstand Push-Up + 2 x Split Leg press to Handstand (alternate) + 4 x Triangle Taps
16 x Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (8L, 8R)

Feet on floor assist will be needed by most for the muscle-ups.
Those still working on command of one legged range of motion or strength can work unweighted on the pistol.
Handstand work is meant to be done with feet on a box, but can be done with feet on floor.
Single leg RDLs are meant to be weighted with one DB in each hand
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