- Shmedium rubber band
- Bike
- DBs


Notes for today:
As usual on Thursdays, this workout can be used as active recovery;
Keeping the DBs lighter and moving slow and reducing reps can keep intensity low.
Athletes who are feeling fresh go heavier and faster.
Athletes will use one pair of Dumbbells.
The intent of this workout is for each athlete to practice smooth but fast reps.
Practice fast transitions: place the DBs on the floor quickly but safely.



2 Rounds

♂ 20/ ♀16 Cal Bike
20 x Wall Press DeadBug
14 x Banded Good Morning
8 x Push-up to Down Dog Cross Touch

Movement practice/ increasing DBs weight

10/21/2021 - Fitness A



min1) 10 x DBs Burpee Deadlift + 20 x DU
min2) rest
min3) 10 x DBs Hang Power Clean + 30 x Mountain Climber (hands on DBs)
min4) rest

Men: 50-lb. dumbbells
Women: 35-lb. dumbbells

Increase reps if you are finishing early. 

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