- Shmedium light rubber band (30 or 50lb)
- Bar and plates
- Rower
- Dip station and assistance if needed

Notes for today:
It's a chipper!  Well.... more like a pyramid   :-]
Most will need to break up the reps throughout this workout, but;
- the barbell is lightish, allowing for many reps strung together
- dips should happen 3-7 reps in a row.
- the bike is a shortish ditance
Higher level athletes can finish in around 10-12 minutes.
All athletes should be done within 15 minutes.



2 rounds

15 Cal Bike
20 x Bandy Push press
15 x Bandy Dip
10 x Band Power Snatch

Movement Prep:
Power Snatch Prep
Dip Prep
Push Press Prep

10/20/2021 - Fitness A


For Time

25 x Push Press ♂ 115/ ♀ 75
20 x Dip
15 x Power Snatch
♂ 1,000m/ ♀ 800m Bike
15 x Power Snatch
20 x Dip
25 x Push Press

Choose a variant of dip that will allow you to get 3-7 reps in a row.
If you had done bench dips the last time, do dips between two benches or boxes today.

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Angela Viale

Angela Viale 1 month, 1 week ago / Reply

10/20/2021 - Fitness A: 11:16
Notes: #55

Nancy Giacone

Nancy Giacone 1 month, 1 week ago / Reply

10/20/2021 - Fitness A: 9:52
Notes: 65 but should of done 70

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