- Bum protection for v-up and sit-up
- Jumprope

3 rounds

30 x Single-Under
20 x Hollow Rock
10 x Jumping Squat
5 x Bradford Press (Push Press style)

Snatch Prep
3 rounds

5 x Sn DL
5 x Hang Sn Ext
5 x Stiffy Muscle Snatch
5 x Power Landing
5 x Power Snatch

Build weight for Snatch and practice replacing barbell to the back from the lockout of snatch

9/15/2020 - Fitness A

Buy-In with 60 x V-Up

then 3 Rounds of

6 x Snatch
12 x Back Squat
24 x Jumprope CrossOver
48 x Steam Engine (L=1, R=2)

Cash-Out with 60 x Sit-Up

*One Barbell, same weight for both the Snatch and the Back Squat.
Use Power Snatch, Squat Snatch, or Split Snatch.
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