- Rubber Band for banded Good Morning
- One Heavy object; Stone, DB or KB

3 Rounds

30 x Fast Feet Twist    
15 x Banded Good Morning
10 x Jumping Squat
6 x Scale (front/back) + Perfect Stretch

Experiment/practice with heavier and heavier implement;
find the right weight for your workout today

9/11/2020 - Fitness A


For Time

21 x *KB or DB Cheat Clean (alternate receiving shoulder)
9 x Loaded Squat
200m Run

15 x Cheat Clean
15 x Loaded Squat
400m Run

9 x Cheat Clean
21 x Loaded Squat
200m Run

*Chosen implement should be HEAVY

♂ 135-lb Stone /♀ 95-lb Stone
♂ 100-lb DB /♀ 70-lb DB
♂ 70-lb KB /♀ 53-lb KB
♂ 55-lb DB /♀ 40-lb DB

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Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn Smith 2 weeks, 5 days ago / Reply

9/11/2020 - Fitness A: 15:33
Notes: 50lbs dumbbell

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