Thursday, 12/6/2018

We are getting super excited for the Holiday Throwdown and Christmas party! There will be fun for all!! Workouts, food, drinks and a DJ!!!!

We are in need of volunteers so please help us out! If you would like to volunteer please register under the registration link for the volunteers on the Holiday Throwdown event page! Or tell a coach and we can do it for you!!
Run/Bike/Row x 3 minutes

Mobilize x 3 minutes

Group Warm up 

The Farmer


100m Farmer Carry
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups 
400m Run (if there are bikes available Bike 30/25 Calories)
500m Row

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12/6/2018 - Performance A

Conga Line Style
Teams of 3-4

100m Farmer Carry
20/15 Calorie Bike
20/15 Calorie Row
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

**one team mate starts on the farmer carry while others rest, when the finish next person starts farmer carry as athlete 1 moves to the run, continue on but don't pass the person in front of you :). When you finish the sit ups you may go back to the farmer carry as long as no one is on that station.**

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3 Rounds for Time
100m Farmer Carry
250m Run
30 Ab mat sit ups 
4 Sets
4-6 Strict Pull ups
Rest :20
Box Dips x 15
Rest :20
300m Row Sprint
Rest 2 minutes

This should take the next half hour 


Will Zerlang

Will Zerlang 1 year, 6 months ago / Reply

The Farmer: 1 + 1
Notes: Testing

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